The Board

Therese Rodin
Position and responsibilities:

Professionally Therese Rodin works as a senior lecturer in the History of religions at Dalarna University. Her great interest in life is knowledge, and learning about Pug health takes a lot of her spare time. In the club Therese will give courses in Pug health and breeding and present scientific research about those subects in a pedagogic way. Therese and her husband own the Standard Pug Mimmi and the Old German Pug Leni.

Nina Tissen
Position and responsibilities:
Vice chairman, secretary

Professionally Nina Tissen works as a nurse. Nina started breeding at a young age and has had dogs and other animals all her life. Nina has a great interest in the work for breeding healthier Pugs and she has already contributed with a few litters of healthy Retro Pugs. She owns the Retro Pug Otto as well as his mother Ghana who is a so-called Rassmo (50% Pug and 50% Parson Russell Terrier) and the little Old German Pug Hedwig.

Anna Roos
Position and responsibilities:

Professionally Anna Roos is working as a specialist in economics. She lives at a farm with cows and calves, cats and the two Pugs of the family. Lisa is a Standard Pug and Randi is a Retro Pug. Randi and Anna train at the local dog club, something that both enjoy a lot. Anna has always had interest in breeding and birth of animals and is looking forward to have her first Retro Pug litter.

Julie Udsen Steffensen
Position and responsibilities:
Veterinary issues

Professionally Julie works as a veterinarian. She is spending a lot of time training her Old German Pug Brombaer in e.g. obedience and rally obedience and she has already had great success in competitions with young Brombaer. Julie has owned a much beloved Standard Pug who had several health issues and that contributed to her choice of profession.

Susanna Pålsson
Position and responsibilities:
Secretary, IT
Dog training

Professionally Susanna works at the Police Authority as head of a group of technical specialists within IT. Sanna has had dogs for 30 years; among them German Shepherds and now the Retro Pug Frank, who is the most wonderful dog she has ever had. Sanna trained at the Swedish Working Dog Club to become an instructor in 1997 and has led courses on every level. One of her German Shepherds was a certified service dog in guarding and she has competed in obedience and tracking. Now Sanna and Frank train mostly obedience, searching and tracking.