The Board

Therese Rodin
Position and responsibilities:

Professionally Therese Rodin works as a senior lecturer in the History of religions at Dalarna University. Her great interest in life is knowledge, and learning about Pug health takes a lot of her spare time. In the club Therese will give courses in Pug health and breeding and present scientific research about those subects in a pedagogic way. Therese and her husband own the Standard Pug Mimmi and the Old German Pug Leni.

Nina Tissen
Position and responsibilities:
Vice chairman, secretary

Professionally Nina Tissen works as a nurse. Nina started breeding at a young age and has had dogs and other animals all her life. Nina has a great interest in the work for breeding healthier Pugs and she has already contributed with a few litters of healthy Retro Pugs. She owns the Retro Pug Otto as well as his mother Ghana who is a so-called Rassmo (50% Pug and 50% Parson Russell Terrier).

Anna Roos
Position and responsibilities:

Professionally Anna Roos is working as a specialist in economics. She lives at a farm with cows and calves, cats and the family’s dogs. Lisa is a Standard Pug, Randi is a Retro Pug and Ville is a Danish-Swedish yard dog. Anna has always had interest in breeding and birth of animals and is looking forward to have her first Retro Pug litter.